Along with you, in Asopica we have spent 16 years bringing education, food and quality of life to hundreds of Yaruro / Pumé children and their families.

Due to the pandemic, today our children are in their homes, eating tree seeds, plantain, yucca and hopefully some fish, helping their parents with the housework. They are not learning, not playing, not with their teachers who are also in their homes waiting for something to change to return to the classroom.

We need you now more than ever. Distance education for children will only be possible if we move “La Coromoto” to their homes, if we take their teachers, their love and support, their notebooks, their homework, their games. They will eat balanced meals only if we transport food to the 60 families of the students. To do this, we need to make long, difficult routes, get fuel, buy enough food for everyone, print their learning guides, among others. Bringing hope to each and every one of them will only take you two minutes without leaving your home, but you will be supporting us on the path of continuing to change lives, thanks in advance for your time and interest in the education and nutrition of children.

Rest assured that your donation will be well received and compensated with the satisfaction of seeing the dreams and longings of dozens of children crying out for education and for the opportunity to have a better life.