This first week of July we managed to meet again with our students and teaching staff of the La Coromoto School. After a significant effort of planning and logistics, we brought the teachers, the homework and also food for the students and their families.

Distance education for schools located in rural and border areas like ours posed particular challenges for Asopica. What if students and teachers do not have computers, smartphones, internet and in some cases, not even electric light? How to travel to the indigenous communities we help, without gasoline? Well the answer was always obvious to us, we had to take the school to their homes, consequently we had to create, imagine possible solutions and scenarios, be flexible and commit ourselves to the effort, so we did it, and as always, we did it together, with the support and accompaniment of our allies.

Bringing education to children, as well as providing assistance and protection actions is what gives a sense of purpose to our daily work, so their smiles and joy at seeing us have been our best reward. We have learned by doing it, more and more, so today we have sustainable solutions to guarantee their teaching-learning process, and balanced and nutritional quality food through our donors. Today we can say proudly that we have achieved our goal, and we will continue to do so whenever is necessary in order to ensure a better quality of life for them and their families.

Together we continue to make a difference!